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tv   Way Too Early With Willie Geist  MSNBC  April 6, 2010 5:30am-6:00am EDT

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as you've been hearing on msnbc, there are now at least 25 confirmed deaths and four unaccounted through after an explosion ripped through a west virginia coal mine in the worst u.s. mining disaster since 1984. west virginia, of course, also the site of the sago mine disaster where 12 miners died back in 2006.
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we're following the story. we're going to go live to west virginia to the scene of this disaster and get the latest. the governor right now, we're monitoring a news conference. he's been giving the press information throughout the night. and so far we are looking for more information on the fate of those miners. we're hoping there are four that still might be accounted for. they are hoping there in west virginia for a miracle. we will follow that story. also, a lot of other stories going on this morning. no more nukes. hmm. the president today will announce drastic new measures on nuclear weapons, what exceptions is he making? how close he is to phasing them out completely. we'll talk about that. tiger woods talks again, this time takes questions during a news conference. what he has to say about fellow golfers, the media and why he's looking it forward to having fun again. also a big win for duke. duke reigns is the headline in the newspapers this morning. we'll get to that story in sports as well. mort zuckerman here on set.
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willie and joe on his way in. and we will also be looking at the latest polls right here. the president having some interesting changing numbers as well. let's get a look at today's top stories, though. we go back to west virginia. there are now at least 25 confirmed deaths and 4 unaccounted for after an explosion ripped through a west virginia coal mine in the worst u.s. mining disaster since 1984. west virginia was the site of the sago mine disaster. 12 miners died back in 2006 there. the search had been suspended for the four missing miners because of dangerous conditions inside the mine. the explosion happened yesterday afternoon at the massey energy company's upper big branch mine about 30 miles south of charleston. miners were leaving on a vehicle that takes them in and out of the mine when the blast took place. the cause of the explosion is unknown right now, but the mine does have a long history of violations for not properly ventilating highly combustible methane gas. the west virginia governor reacted to the tragedy a short time ago s
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